What are the benefits of vacuum rice packaging?

What are the benefits of vacuum rice packaging?


Rice vacuum bags extend food shelf life

The rice vacuum packaging bag laminated with various materials has high barrier properties. Using the difference in plastic barrier properties, it achieves high barrier effects such as oxygen, water, and carbon dioxide odor, preventing the rice from stale, moldy, and insects.

In addition, the rice vacuum packaging bag can also play a certain role in preserving the fragrance. When eating rice, try to keep its original flavor, so that merchants and consumers do not have to worry about the problem of rice getting wet. Let you eat high-quality rice with peace of mind every day.

And the vacuum packaging is more beautiful and can be shaped. Non-vacuum packaging cannot be shaped, but due to the strong tensile strength of plastic woven bags, this kind of packaging is mostly used for rice with heavier packaging weight.

Once the vacuum pack is opened, the barrier properties will be lost, and the rice should be sealed in a dry container or refrigerated as soon as possible.